Time Synchronisation with an NTP Server

Time synchronisation is a vital part of modern computing and networking. Nearly all tasks performed on the internet or across a network are reliant on time in some way or another. From businesses trading on the internet to sending and receiving email, without time synchronisation these applications would be impossible to achieve, as computers rely solely on timestamps to establish when events should, and have, occurred.

A lack of network time synchronization can cause chaos on a computer network, making computer resources hard to manage and time sensitive applications such as internet trading become impossible to accomplish, imagine how a computer would cope if it is asked to sell something before it has been bought or it receives and email before it was sent?

Time synchronisation is also vital for the security and wellbeing of a network. Debugging a system can be near impossible and establishing errors or intrusions is also difficult if different machines are running at different times.

The protocol NTP (Network Time Protocol) has been designed specifically for synchronizing time on a network or over the internet. It has been around in one form or another for the past 30 years and is also bundled in with most operating systems including Microsoft’s latest version of Windows, Windows 7.